SBRMGA – something is always happening

Thomas Graham

The Men’s Golf Association together with the Women’s Golf Association and the Ranch Community at large completed the inaugural Pick Your Partner Open over two days, August 15 and 16. The results are available to all via the SBRMGA website Merely click on the Communications tab and then the Current Newsletter drop down box. While visiting the website go ahead and browse a little by clicking on the Membership tab.

OK, what else is going on in the Men’s Golf Association? We continue to hold weekly and special events of interest to our members. These include both individual and team opportunities. Some are flighted giving each golfer the opportunity to play with others of similar abilities and some are non-flighted such as team events providing each golfer special fellowship opportunities with those of differing abilities. A great fellowship opportunity each week is to golf with those of other Ranch residential units and, of course, rehashing the results at the Bistro with other members. Expand your circle and find even more golfing opportunities.

Taking a sneak peek at a few of the upcoming events reveals a four-man modified scramble, a two-man team stableford flighted, the annual par 3 tournament, a captain and his three amigos, four-man A/B/C/D Cha Cha Cha best ball and, of course, our Founders Cup special event. As you can see there is a flavor for everyone.

The SBRMGA works for you. Reach out and find out how you can sign up, tee it up and swing away with a great group of resident golfers. You, too, can be one of the many reasons the Men’s Golf Association works for all. Your board is available to you. The SBRMGA Board members are Rob Nemecek, Brian Grover, Guy Shelton, Rich Osterlund, Harley Schlachter, Tom Graham, Tim McCauley, Bob Christianson, Ed Robertson and Sam Rossi. If you see any of us around please say hi. We’d love to speak with you about golf and our community. After all, we’re working for you.