SBRMGA upcoming special events


Tom Graham

The Men’s Golf Association continues to present events that appeal to existing and new members. This year a new event is being scheduled. It is a FedX styled event. Points won throughout the year will be tallied with the top 48 eligible to compete in this special event. The event will be held after the calendar year point totals are in. If the Pros can do it why not SBR members.

The Founder’s Cup is the final special event of the calendar year. It is scheduled for November 2018 after our snowbirds return and have warmed to our SBR Golf Club. It is a two-day handicapped competition with the much sought-after title of Founder’s Cup Champion. Children and grandchildren alike look forward to viewing the champion golfer’s plaque in the Golf Club.

To date three special events have been completed: The Ryder Cup team competition, Match Play flighted championship and the Club Championship. Congratulations to all the winners. The breadth of community participation both new and long-term residents alike attest to the special attributes of our SBRMGA. If you are not a member come join us for a chance to tee it up and swing away with some new friends.