SBRMGA year end discussion

Tom Graham

Revisiting the year with Sam Rossi and Richard Osterlund begins with what the year set out to be. Several months ago as we began you were excited and honored that the membership expressed confidence in you. Today aside from the fact that you have been unanimously re-elected I sense that there is a satisfaction with several accomplishments.

First, we have experienced continued growth in membership and, importantly, participation in the weekly and special events. New members with new ideas and varying abilities keep us grounded in the community. We have found increased attendance after golf events and even at meetings. Our meetings have always been open but now we see golfers in the seats and participating in discussion. These are welcome additions.

Our dedicated board members continue to step up providing members varied and competitive games. There is something for every golfer including opportunities for those of varying abilities to compete in the same pairing on a level playing field. Added to this is the work we continue through the newly appointed Greens Committee. It is a welcome addition to the Community through the Golf Club, the WGA, MGA, et al.

We have worked to provide golfing opportunities across the community. We recognized that our four special events the Ryder Cup, Match Play, Club Championship and Founders Cup could serve as a starting point. To these we added the Mixed Sticks with the WGA, the Desert Heat (PYP Open) also a community wide mixed format available to all. We hosted the Robson Challenge Cup, winning the Cup and bringing the trophy home to the Ranch. Lastly, we continued our support of the Robson Community Golf event.

One of our goals was to provide enhanced fellowship and social opportunities. We were able to continue our fellowship each Thursday following our weekly game. Each special event included fellowship opportunities ranging from lunch to simple reception and awarding of the winners. As a wind up to our year we held the first annual Holiday Social. With members and guests exceeding 150 we enjoyed a pre-dinner reception, dinner and entertainment. It was the largest event to date held in our new Sol Ballroom.

We are excited for the upcoming year, the new members of the MGA and for the opportunity to continue to provide results our founding members would be proud of. With new members we have opportunities to serve. Some have accepted positions on our board and committees. We thank our past members and look forward to serving all in 2019.