SBRTA: Queen of the Court

Lee Stastny

Though it has been a challenge to schedule tennis events during the COVID-19 crisis, SaddleBrooke Ranch Tennis Association (SBRTA) member, Sue Cook, pulled together a great event that did not include social activities, but just pure tennis.

Twenty female members of SBRTA signed up to participate in Queen of the Court! What a great turn out for a first-time event at SaddleBrooke Ranch. Queen of the Court ran from Aug. 18 through Sept. 22. The format is pretty simple. Each participant plays three sets, a set with each player as their partner. At the end of each set, the number of wins for each player is recorded on the score sheet. The player with the most wins at the end of three sets moves up a court the next week. The player with the fewest wins moves down a court. In the event of a tie, they have a serve off. The player with the most serves in a row, moves up or stays on the court depending on the circumstance of the tie. The ladies are doing a great job of remembering to wear their face masks to and from the court, and following all COVID-19 safety recommendations for tennis.