Senior Village at SaddleBrooke – Neighbors helping Neighbors

They take good care of me

Stephanie Thomas

February is the one year anniversary of enrolling the first member in Senior Village, and that distinction goes to Larry Wilhelm. Senior Village recently interviewed Larry to find out how the Village has changed his life in the past year.

SV: Larry, what was your reaction last year when your driver’s license was not renewed because of your eyesight?

Larry: It was a disaster. My daughter wanted me to move to Phoenix to live with her. I would have had to change all my doctors. I was with her at Thanksgiving, and I couldn’t stand the rat race and the highways. Senior Village makes it possible to stay in my home. I know where all the switches are. I can do my cooking. I think my daughter was relieved too when I found Senior Village.

SV: What services do you usually request from Senior Village?

Larry: They take me to my doctors, the bank, Bashas’ and to get a haircut. Last year they drove me to the assisted living facility to visit my wife.

SV: What are the Senior Village volunteers like?

Larry: They take good care of me. I feel guilty sometimes. I’m not used to being waited on. I used to do all that myself. The volunteers call me by my first name. It makes me feel like we’re friends and they know me. I enjoy the company of the drivers. I’m so happy to have someone to talk to. I get lonely.

SV: Why would you recommend Senior Village to someone?

Larry: Lots of people have heard about Senior Village, but they haven’t done anything. If anybody needs help, they should call Senior Village.

SV: You gave a very generous donation to the Village in January, and you said you were going to do that every year.

Larry: I’m feeling real lucky. I feel like I’m 70 instead of 90. I gave because I can afford to give.

SV: Larry, I hope your experiences with Senior Village will inspire others to call and become members. Maybe they too will want to make annual donations to help the Village provide services to our community. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

For information about the Village or to join call 520-314-1042. To become a patron and make a donation, go to