Shalom Club members enjoy buffet after fasting

Photo by Steve Weiss.

On Wednesday, September 19 over 30 Shalom Club members attended a fabulous buffet after fasting for 24 hours. Traditional foods were served: bagels, lox, cream cheese, noodle kugel (pudding), cheese and pastries.

Sherry Weiss volunteered to guide Chef Jose in the preparation of the noodle kugel. Everyone raved on how delicious the kugel tasted.

The committee of Sandy Jessop, Jackie Levitt, Florence Messer, Kim Schweitzer, Terri Steinberg and Sherry Weiss met with Heather Stanford to arrange this special Shalom Club event.

A very special thank you to Heather Stanford, new catering manager, Alicia Parham and Brittany Ripley who set up the room, served the wonderful food and cleaned up. These three ladies are a pleasure to work with and the Shalom Club looks forward to working with them again.