Shalom Club welcomes new members

Photo by Steve Weiss

Photo by Steve Weiss

Marlene Diskin

Shalom is the Hebrew word meaning peace, harmony and tranquility. It is also used idiomatically to mean both hello and goodbye. On Saturday, September 24, members of the Ranch’s Shalom Club gathered at the home of Jackie and Ken Levitt for its annual kickoff party. “It was a joint effort,” said Jackie. “We couldn’t have done it without the help of Sandy Jessop and Martha Sampson, and we’re overjoyed with the fantastic turnout!”

Along with enjoying a sumptuous buffet provided by club members and great conversation, a focal point of the evening was the welcoming of new members. They are Jena Powell and Stan Finkelstein, Perry Shapiro, Joan and John Brooks, Bonnie and Harvey Goldman, Jody and Bob Porter, Roseann and Bill Rosen, Kim and Larry Schweitzer, Larry and Teri Steinberg, Rich and Sandy Finegood and Faylene and Phil Lichter.

The Shalom Club is open to Jews of any background, their partners and friends. It gathers throughout the year to socialize and enjoy shared Jewish heritage.

“From our tiny beginning about four years ago, the club has grown to over 60,” said Leslie Weiss Gordon. “We are diverse and yet have a sense of belonging to each other. As our membership grows it is anticipated that subgroups with shared interests will emerge.”

For more information about the club, email Leslie at [email protected]. She is happy to help people with common interests find each other.