Simon X Has Arrived!

New Simon X machine

The Simon X machine with Mark Pohler, vice president of the SBRPBA

Debbie Witten

The new pickleball machine has arrived at the SaddleBrooke Ranch Pickleball Association (SBRPBA) for all members to use and enjoy. Mark Pohler, vice president of the SBRPBA was instrumental in its purchase and providing instruction on the operation of the new Simon X pickleball machine. Mark trained about 75 club members so they can use the machine safely and successfully. The machine has a chart with suggested settings for various practice scenarios, but players can adjust the machine as necessary for their specific training needs.

The machine is battery operated and has a remote control. It has a number of advantages over the older club machine in that it has a number of controls for how the ball is delivered. It can deliver a ball as fast as 70 mph or go as slow as 5 mph. It can impart a top spin or underspin (cut) ball. Other unique features are its ability to lob, make a drop shot, dink, or deliver balls with its stealth oscillator. Simon X is known to be the most powerful and advanced pickleball machine available. SBRPBA is fortunate to have it available to use.