Spirit of Philanthropy Award given to Linda Harvey

Linda Shannon-Hills

When you talk to people in our community you find many people volunteer in some way or another. People volunteer for many reasons, sometimes personal, but always for a purpose. They don’t do it for recognition but to fill a need in helping others. Linda Harvey volunteers for a purpose…to make a difference.

Last November Linda Harvey was recognized for her volunteer work with the Western National Parks Association (WNPA). She was one of 42 awardees named as a recipient of the Spirit of Philanthropy Award along with six honorees by The Southern Arizona chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) during a luncheon in November 2014. While there are several awards presented, The Spirit of Philanthropy Award recognizes publicly those special people and organizations within the Tucson community that have made significant philanthropic contributions, demonstrate extraordinary leadership or vision in support of their organization’s goals.

Linda started to volunteer at the WNPA within three months of her move to SaddleBrooke Ranch in 2011. It all began after she had read an article in the SaddleBrooke newspaper describing the WNPA, which was looking for volunteers. She quickly followed up and was soon thoroughly involved. Most of her time at the WNPA has been with the Outreach Program she helped to develop and organize, which included training other volunteers, scheduling events and ensuring all events were properly supplied with materials and volunteers. Last summer she organized a Child Reading program during the five weeks in July for preschoolers up to six years old to educate them on the benefits of the National Parks and to develop an appreciation of the natural treasures in our country. She created the WNPA Book Club, reading non-fiction and fiction books about Arizona, the early development of Tucson as well as the SW area. If help is needed at the WNPA, she jumps in to fill a need no matter the task.

Linda was unable to attend the original luncheon in November, so the WNPA held a special celebration at their headquarters in Rancho Vistoso. Monique Vallery, Chairperson from the Association of Fundraising Professionals Southern Arizona Chapter, came to this celebration to personally present Linda with her award.

Besides her work at the WNPA association, Linda Harvey is an active volunteer at SaddleBrooke Ranch, organizing the Welcome to the Neighborhood committee, SBR HOA Club Expo, the Linda’s Club, and Dining Out Tables. She is a member of the SBR HOA Social and Recreation Committee. She also enjoys playing pickleball and golf. She is always there to make good things happen at SaddleBrooke Ranch.