Spotlight on Advertiser: Sunset Interiors

Make a right on Tangerine Road! No more traveling forever on Oracle Road.

For the convenience of our Northwest clients and future clients, Sunset Interiors has opened a new location at the corner of Tangerine and Dove Mountain Blvd.

We have approximately 2,600 sq. feet of furniture, window coverings, accessories and patio furniture. We also have 2,500 sq. feet at the corner of Campbell and Skyline and, of course, our Warehouse Showroom with “scratch and dent” and more promotional selections, over 4,000 sq. feet!

I am addressing the fact that not everyone wants to spend $5,000 on a leather sofa. But because we stand behind everything we sell, I had to find the quality with the price, i.e. the best value.

At Sunset Interiors & Design Studio we pride ourselves on customer service. Some people are afraid to purchase a chair they have never sat in. We address that fear with our generous exchange policy. If you order and don’t like what was selected, we will exchange for a new selection.

When I see how easy Robson has made the lifestyle for his clients, I want my clients to feel the same way. You know you’re in good hands with your builder; you don’t have to worry. The same is true at Sunset Interiors, you’re in good hands. Once you decide we are the company for you and have our design plan, off you go back to golf, pickleball or whatever it is that makes you smile.