Spotlight on Advertiser: Trico Electric Co-op Launches New Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use Rate for Members

Trico Electric Cooperative is proud to announce the launch of a voluntary Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use Rate (EV TOU Rate) for eligible Trico members who have electric vehicles (EVs). This rate is designed to support the growing demand for EVs among Trico members, reduce strain on Trico’s system during peak hours, and lower costs for Trico’s overall membership.

Trico members who sign up for the EV TOU Rate will receive up to 400kWh of energy at a 45% rate reduction if they charge their EVs between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. This experimental rate is available to the first 1,000 Trico members who sign up. Trico currently has 67 members enrolled in the experimental rate, which will help Trico better understand members’ EV usage, encourage members to charge during off-peak periods, and determine how many EVs are in Trico’s service area. This information will help Trico develop future EV programs as we work to better serve EV demand and members’ needs.

As a nonprofit cooperative, Trico’s focus is on meeting the needs of all members and putting members’ interests first. By encouraging members with EVs to charge during non-peak hours when energy supplies are high and costs are low, Trico can control costs and efficiently manage its distribution system, which benefits all members, even those who do not own EVs.

“EVs offer a significant opportunity for electric cooperatives, and Trico has been planning for an increase in EV adoption. Trico is committed to providing its members with sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions, and that means our EV strategy starts with our members,” shared Brian Heithoff, Trico CEO and general manager.

Learn more about the EV TOU Rate and additional EV information at

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