Spring Fling Auction Save the Date

Ann Vernon

We all know that persistence and patience pay off, but for me, patience has been a struggle, as I am anxious to get on with a post-COVID life. On the other hand, I am optimistically persisting with plans for the Oracle School Foundation (OSF) Spring Fling auction (formerly the Gala), which will be held at the MountainView Ballroom on Sunday, March 6, 2022. Although the OSF raises some money through grants, the auction is our major fundraiser and had to be postponed last year due to COVID.

Despite the fact that the auction had to be postponed, we had many of the pieces in place to pull off a great evening and an even greater auction. In addition to a live auction and a silent “goods and services” auction, our primary focus is on fixed-price events which don’t even require bidding (you just sign up at the auction and pay a set price). Our goal for the 2022 auction is to have “something for everyone,” with events in several different categories: dining around the world; music and entertainment with light food and libations; art—hands-on opportunities; games, sports, and trips; and learning experiences. Fixed-price chair Betsy Levenson has already lined up some great events in each category. Following are just a few of the many offerings: Italian, Spanish, and Brazilian dinners; a house concert for music lovers; a karaoke night with food and drink; an appetizer/stargazing party; a poker tournament; a barbecue dinner and night-putting tournament; a bird hike with brunch; and classes on how to play bridge, brew beer, and make bread. At these events, attendees mix and mingle with other SaddleBrooke and Ranch residents, have lots of fun, and raise money to ensure that every Oracle student has unlimited opportunity to succeed.

If you are like I am, you might have some hesitancy about hosting or attending these events, many of which will be indoors. Keep in mind that most people in our communities have been vaccinated and will have received a booster by the time March rolls around. In addition, while some of these events will take place in the spring and summer of 2022, many will be held in the fall, so if things go as predicted, by that time we should be on the safe side. Of course, I thought we would be there by now, but let’s hope for the best.

In the meantime, be safe, stay sane—and I hope to see you on March 6. We will be sending out regular updates and a final list of fixed-price, silent, and live auction items to our Champions. If you would like to support the Oracle School Foundation by becoming a Champion, please visit our website at www.oracleschoolsfoundation.com.