Square Up for a Free Square Dance Lesson October 5

Dancers square up for fun! Left to right: Rancheros Carla Marquardt, Debbie Trapp, Linda Wright, Randy Wright, Donna Burton, Bill Burton, Pam Steube, and Milan Steube

Rebecca Williams

The Rancheros Square Dance Club is working on starting a new set of lessons on Thursday, Oct. 5. There will be an opportunity to give the activity a try for free that evening, starting at 7 p.m. Square dancing is a fun activity that incorporates both mental and physical activity and lots of time to socialize!

The lessons will be focused on completing the initial 50 calls, also known as the Social Square Dance (SSD) list, by the end of December and completion of the remainder of the Mainstream list by Jan. 18. Some clubs in the local area dance at the SSD level.

After this initial set of calls, the lessons will move on to a slightly more advanced level known as PLUS. This is the level danced by the club. Those lessons will start in mid-January and are planned to be completed by early April. Once dancers have graduated from PLUS, those participating can dance with the club and also nearly everywhere in the U.S. and around the world. We graduated 10 Rancheros from PLUS earlier this year.

If you are interested in attending the free square dance lesson, please RSVP to Rebecca Williams at [email protected] or call/text her at 847-212-0505. That way we can assure we have enough experienced dancers there to help you. Having experienced dancers to help the new dancers is a key part of our lesson program, so you can be assured of plenty of help along the way as you learn this fun new activity.