State Parties – December 2023

Colorado and Wisconsin Clubs Host Football Game

Lorraine Smith

The Sol Ballroom was filled with colors on a Sunday afternoon in October! Blue and orange for the Broncos and green and gold for the Packers. Football fans from both clubs wore their team colors and enjoyed some time together watching the game. Winners of the football raffle were Jim Smith, Dave Richey, Bill Smith, and Sheryl Ellenfeldt. It was a close game, and the Broncos won by two points.

Snag Your Ticket for the Wisconsin Party

The O’Briens will be back again to serenade us with the songs of our homeland.

Barbara Barr Bengen and Shelia Ratza

There’s still time to ask Santa or your family for a shiny new Packers or Wisconsin shirt for the next annual Wisconsin Party! So mark your calendar for Tuesday, Feb. 20, at SaddleBrooke’s HOA1. That’s the 2024 date for the annual Wisconsin Party, and tickets are $35. The bar opens at 5 p.m. and dinner is served at 6 p.m.

The 2024 Wisconsin Party is headed by Shelia Ratza. Sheila and all her Wisconsin elves are working hard to prepare for this special event. The O’Briens will be back to serenade us with the songs of our homeland. Of course, there will be great food, raffles, and all kinds of fun Wisconsin door prizes.

Ticket sales will start on Jan. 2 and end on Feb. 5, so we can give the dining room our final reservation headcount. Tickets include the buffet dinner and entertainment for $35 per person. Be sure to snag your ticket quickly as space is limited. Just reach out to one of our Wisconsin Party ticket representatives:

* Cindy Witt: 608-334-1785 (HOA1)

* Maureen Murphy:  414-507-9818 (Saddlebrooke Ranch)

* Julie Klarkowski: 920-562-7642 (HOA2)

* Carolyn Bewalda: 414-254-4369 (HOA1)

The best part of the Wisconsin Party is gathering with friends, neighbors, and new friends who all came here from America’s Dairyland. So pass the word and watch the papers to find out more.