Summer Line Dancing with Rebecca

It’s 107 degrees, and these happy Ranchers are enjoying some exercise in the Hacienda fitness room’s 70 degrees, full of fun, laughter and some learning.


Dr. Mark Magdanz

Classes are lling rapidly for a July 10 summer kickoff of an eight-lesson series. This summer series, dancers will be spending time in the comfortable A/C of the Hacienda tness room. As always, lots of dance steps (about 4,000-5,000 per class) are being lled with fun and helping to cover your daily tness recommendations. Line dancing is a fun, educational and quick way to add life to your years here in the community. Meet new friends and solidify old ones with common interests. Professional instruction and observation keep you safer and help you learn faster. Basically, in line dancing you step forward, backward, sideways, across or behind, kick your foot, touch the toe or heel, etc.; easy stuff! Do it faster with music, and that’s much of the physical story. Remembering the steps (words and muscles) and sending the message to your feet is where you derive brain health bene ts. Repeating the steps trains your brain to move your feet faster, reducing falls at home. So, once you’ve learned basic steps, you can learn different and more complex dances faster. A couple years back, AARP reported that surveyed seniors (94%) rated staying mentally sharp a top priority. Secrets of Staying Sharp stated four factors affecting brain health: mental, physical and social activity, plus vascular health. These are all facilitated with regular line dancing. Gain fun, exercise, balance, strength, friends, memory, muscle tone, bone strength, self- con dence and have consistent fun with Rebecca. A willingness to laugh at yourself and with others is your greatest asset. It’s required that you be nice to yourself as you catch the basics.

Level 1 Beginners class is for those new to line dancing. Classes occur Wednesday and Saturday.

Level 2 Easy/Intermediate classes provide a bit faster learning and dancing workout for those who have previous training only occasionally. For this level you’ll need more step knowledge and more stamina. Classes are Wednesday and Saturday following Level 1. Supporting your Level 2 progress, there is a Thursday “Happy Feet” quick review session with lots of aerobic fun packed into an hour- long session that’s only in SaddleBrooke.

Right now, it’s time to claim a spot on the summer dance oor. If you are gone, make fall or winter plans to dance as classes are lling now. This summer eight classes are planned for each level. Provisions can be made for those who will miss a lesson or two due to your travels (we travel too! Yee haw.)

Classes are taught on a reservation basis to control size and secure a favorable learning environment. Secure your place in one or more classes by contacting Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected]. com or phoning 520-818-2656. Rebecca has produced happy SaddleBrooke Ranch dancers since 2012 and is a full time, 14- year resident of SaddleBrooke.