Support our firefighters on November 5 – vote yes on Fire Bond 477

Three reasons to vote yes:

Preserve Quality of Life: As our community grows, so will the needs of our District. To preserve our quality of life and keep up with growth, a yes vote on 477 will ensure our firefighters have the facilities, training, security, and support they need to respond to emergencies when we need them most.

Keep response time low: In an emergency, every second counts. By investing in two new fire stations, upgraded alerting systems, and communications infrastructure, we can make sure our public safety personnel can respond quickly in an emergency situation.

Protect Our Firefighters: At least 66% of firefighters will develop some sort of cancer in their lifetime, due to job related exposures. Voting yes on 477 will help protect our firefighters, by adding storage areas for contaminated gear, reducing exposure to cancer causing carcinogens, and keeping our firefighters safe.

Fire bond 477 will cost the average homeowner $2.39 a month. That’s less than most cups of coffee!

For more information go to, @YesforGolderRanch, or [email protected].