Teaching Assistants, Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators – Square Dancers go all out!

Left to right: Don Williams, Rebecca Williams, Randy Regnier, Sue Regnier, Bonnie Kraber and Larry Kraber

Left to right: Don Williams, Rebecca Williams, Randy Regnier, Sue Regnier, Bonnie Kraber and Larry Kraber

Rita Fletcher

You may think it is overkill to have so much help available in learning where to walk while dancing in a square, but then…more…is…more! So why not? Everyone learns easily and quickly. That is what makes square dancing unique and fun.

In addition to Larry Kraber, square dance caller-instructor extraordinaire, the coordinators help the new class learn the calls. They make sure there are enough experienced dancers present for each and every class, making sure all the squares are full with four couples or eight people. The experienced dancers are known as teaching assistants or TAs.

The coordinators assign TAs and students to specific squares during the lesson phase. Throughout the evening lessons they reassign, match up and mix up all the squares. Shuffling people around, having people dance with different people facilitates learning, making it more enjoyable socially.

The coordinators are SaddleBrooke Ranch residents Rebecca and Don Williams. They are assisted by Sue and Randy Regnier along with many former students who are now teaching assistants. Rebecca and Don have been doing this for years since they, too, first learned in the Chicago suburb of St. Charles in 2000. They are an invaluable asset to Larry Kraber. They take their job seriously and do it professionally. It is a pleasure to know them and dance with them.

Unlike other types of dance where you need to memorize the foot work, square dancing has a caller that calls the steps you learned to move to a specific location; how you move your feet to get there is irrelevant! The square of eight works together as a team executing those steps. Square dancers often walk a mile or more during an evening’s square dance without really realizing it. Try all the different types of dancing available in SB. Find the one that “moves you!” Enjoy the social interaction, mental exercise and physical stimulation that keep all dancers coming back for more.

Want to try square dancing? Give us a whirl! October 9, Sunday night, is a free introductory lesson to square dancing at the MountainView Ballroom at 7:00 p.m. Singles are welcome. Check our website at: saddlebrookesquares.com. To sign up call Bonnie and Larry Kraber at 520-825-2678 or email [email protected]. You will know how to dance in a square by 8:30 p.m. on October 9! Guaranteed!