Technology Club Awarded Pinal County Grant

Figure 1 original image on top with the optimized image using software

Figure 1 original image on top with the optimized image using software

Linda Shannon-Hills

The club was awarded funding to implement a Personal Digital Archiving Workstation from the Pinal County Board of Supervisors, under the Partner/External Agency Funding Program for Fiscal Year 2020-21.

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors invites nonprofit service providers to apply for funding for specific projects or programs that provide measurable benefits to Pinal County residents.

Since the Technology Club is a non-profit organization, Mike Neal, vice president of the SaddleBrooke Ranch (SBR) Technology Club, applied for this grant, explaining the clubs plans to implement a Personal Digital Archiving Workstation and Scanner. The club can now offer a service for scanning and storing documentary material including slides and photographs. Our members can use this process to recover old slides and photos that have been sitting around, or doing family history projects to capture their own living history to leave as a legacy for future generations.

Our club felt this service fits best under the county’s Strategic Priority 1: Vibrant Communities and the goal therein to foster vibrant communities to create live-work-play environments. This facility will add a new opportunity for residents in the SaddleBrooke Ranch community to access the latest in digital archiving technology and develop new skills.

The club had the equipment in place by the middle of July, then spent time training monitors/mentors on the equipment and processes. A big thanks to monitors, Phil Barish, Steve Weiss, and Mike Neal.

Club members will be able to register to use the workstation the same way they would register to attend a class or workshop, on the club website,

Our club wants to thank a member of the club, Ellyn Biggs, for bringing this opportunity to the attention of the board.

What does the Pinal County board of supervisors do? Every year, the board of supervisors, as required by law, crafts a budget providing revenue for individual departments and elected offices. One of the primary jobs of the board is to establish the county property tax rate and the budget for the coming year.

Because only the board has authority to decide certain issues, such as zoning changes, resolutions and ordinances, these subjects constitute the remainder of the board’s responsibilities during the year.