Tennis tournament is a winner


Wes Hurst

Our second tennis tournament was a great success for everyone involved. This was our first mixed doubles tournament. Teams were chosen by drawing to match up comparable rated individuals and ensure balanced competition. A round-robin system was used to schedule teams during the tournament. The tournament was the creation of Terry Zimmerman who developed the guidelines and ran the startup team drawing and schedules. We will have more tournaments during the year leading up to our annual Steiness Tennis Festival every fall. The festival is an entirely different form of match play. The club is divided into two evenly matched teams. The teams are each led by a team captain who determines the schedules of play.

Our club seeks a balance of regularly scheduled play times for members along with special match events such as the tournament. We also work to have members develop positive relationships through social events. The festival is an event that combines match play with a wonderful dinner to wrap up the event.