Thank You for a Great Pet Food Drive!

Debora Witten

SaddleBrooke Ranch residents once again poured out their generosity for the animals in the care of OARR (Oracle Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation). This was the fourth annual Dinking Divas Pet Food Drive.

In 2023, the Divas collected 200 cans of cat food. This year the Divas collected 440 cans of cat food. In 2023, the Divas collected 210 pounds of dry cat food and this year they collected 472 pounds of dry cat food. Last year, 210 cans of dog food were collected and in 2024 the Divas collected 234 cans. The Divas collected a total of 710 pounds of dry dog food in 2023, and this year the Divas collected 1,465 pounds of dry dog food. Last but not least, the Divas collected $315 in monetary donations for OARR in 2023 and this year the monetary contribution is $580.

So the contributions made by residents in SaddleBrooke Ranch this year were double that of last year! This year in addition to food, the Divas collected six dog beds, five dog crates,three cat beds, and one cat crate. The donations also included 46 cans of kitten milk and more than 100 kitten and dog toys. The Divas also received animal outfits, puppy pads, bedding, leashes, medicine and medicine bottles, and lots of treats.

The Dinking Divas pickleball group wishes to thank the SaddleBrooke Ranch residents for their generosity and contributions to OARR. The animals will be so grateful! Thank you all.