Thank You for Donating to the Shoe Drive!

Debora Witten

A big thank you to SaddleBrook Ranch residents! Dinking Divas of SaddleBrooke Ranch held their shoe drive and received twice the number of shoes as last year. This large donation is all due to the very generous people who live here in the Ranch. The shoes will be distributed to five locations serving homeless women, men, and children in the Tucson region.

A special thanks to Karen Sue Bellinger, Raynelle Duhl, Sharon Steen, Jeanne Nordstrom, Victor Nordstrom, Lyn Olson, Kara Petersen, Sherry Brinster, Jane Renner, Ingrid Andrews, and Dar Nero. They worked their hearts out. A special thanks to Lynn Baker from SBRanchRealty company who let us use its signs so we could post our events. And finally a big thanks to Karen Derdzinske who brought us all homemade, delicious iced sugar cookies. The sugar kept us going for three hours!