“The Catalina Mountains”

Jennifer Jefferis

Nestled against the foothills

I live and rest at your feet

Buffeted by a silent strength

Sheltered with a quiet grace

An anchor in the storms

Protector of all who wander your slopes

Through centuries of storms and floods

You withstand.

Throughout the winds of time

These faithful hills remain sentinels of courage

Holding on through roots that stretch deep into the earth

I can only gaze at them in wonder

The plants cover you in seasonal blankets of color

Each one bringing fresh texture and splendor

The animals live and are sustained among them

A constant reminder of your gifts and vigilance over the land

In my mind’s eye I can envision you wherever I go

For you serve to remind me of an Eternal Spirit

And in the breadth of your arms as they stretch across the sky

You strengthen, protect and sustain all below

I have only to recognize such devotion

And as the clouds drift across your shoulders

Stand in awe

Inspired by all that rises above