The Donkey Foster Mother

Judy Smith, a resident of SaddleBrooke Ranch’s Unit 10, has accepted the unique role of serving as a foster mother for Friday, an 8-year-old donkey that resides at Life Under the Oaks Lavender Farm in Oracle. Friday and his small family are rescue donkeys—saved from an uncertain future by John and Carolyn Blair, owners of the farm. In an effort to support the Blairs’ unique lavender-growing operation and the safe haven they provide for animals and ducks, Judy has committed time every month to clean stalls and provide the donkeys with their favorite treats—strawberries, carrots, and apples. Occasionally, she recruits other Ranch volunteers who share a love of animals to give her a hand with the chores. The Lavender Farm is located at 1221 North Rancho Robles Road in Oracle. The phone number is 520-820-3454. You can learn more about the farm and the many activities the Blairs offer at