The Illinois Club takes a trip down memory lane

Carolee Bailey and Dianne Johns

The Illinois Club met on a Friday afternoon at the Sol Ranch House for a casual happy hour get together.

The members who attended the event were given the chance to meet and socialize with fellow Illinoians they didn’t know, as well as test their team skills at Illinois trivia. Each person was assigned a number and asked to sit at the table of attendees with corresponding numbers. These newly formed groups then put their heads together to answer some 25 trivia questions.

Most of the teams were able to answer the names of the four Illinois ex-governors who went to prison after their time in office; however, not everyone was familiar with the free admission for seniors to the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.

There were prizes for the team with the most correct answers and we didn’t forget consolation prizes for the team with the fewest correct answers.

Afterward, everyone enjoyed a light fare menu item of their choosing.

Future events were also discussed.

The Illinois Club is made up of members who have lived in Illinois at some point in their lives. The group has had previous social events of themed get togethers at homes, a Winterhaven tour and a “create your own pizza” evening at Nona Maria’s. If you have previously lived in Illinois and have an interest in joining, please contact Paul Bailey at [email protected]