The Ranch Dogs

The Ranch Dogs, left to right: Tom Ridolfo, Vince Lanuza, Rick Millet, Joe Douglas, Tom Somenske, Dave Smith, and William Parfet. Not pictured: Wayne Norwood and Chip Donaldson.

Marci Whitehead

Have you ever been out on Thursday afternoon golfing and run into the “Ranch Dogs”? I did on a recent Thursday! It has changed my whole outlook on my golf game.

The Ranch Dogs are a group of handsome men from Unit 9. They say they are not some of the best golfers, but they are golfers that have the most fun and know it is perfectly OK to laugh at their many blunders while playing golf together. They call themselves the Ranch Dogs and have hats and shirts with the Ranch Dog emblem proudly displayed. In addition, they each have adopted nicknames, something personal to each one of them.

The golfers and their nicknames, which are embroidered on the left sleeve of their golf shirts, are: Cannon Ball (Tom Ridolfo); Joe Dog (Joe Douglas); .38 Special (Vince Lanuza); Mr. Tee (Rick Millet); Sr. Chief (Dave Smith); 50 Caliber (Tom Somenske); Chip (William Parfet); Long Ball (Wayne Norwood); and Ace (Chip Donaldson).

It was a joy to watch this group of golfers enjoy their Thursday golf outing! It truly made me realize that I shouldn’t get so upset when I have a frustrating round of golf. Most important is to just enjoy the people I am playing with and the awesome desert course here at SaddleBrooke Ranch.

WOOF WOOF Ranch Dogs! Thank You!