The Sock Hop returns!

Jane Gromelski

Tuesday, Jan. 28, will be our next ’50s and ’60s Sock Hop in the MountainView Ballroom. Doors and the cash bar will open at 5 p.m., and the buffet will be served at 5:30 p.m.

The meal will include a plated salad, rolls, and butter, comfort food meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, a garden vegetable, and cookies!

This gives us a chance to socialize before the action starts!

Tickets are on sale at the MountainView office, they are $30 per person.

When 2 Jacks and a Julie (aka Wild Ride) start playing, then we get down to serious dancing! They play swing, west coast swing, cha-chas, rumbas, and a few waltzes. They do a great job of mixing in some slower dances, so we could keep our energy from flagging. They play Elvis, the Righteous Brothers, the Everly Brothers, and even Patsy Cline. I love to see the tables empty for “Unchained Melody.” Even if you don’t dance, it is a pleasure listening to this band perform. I think they are the most exciting band in Tucson. They play from 6:30 until 9:30 p.m.

For those of us still there, after 8:30 p.m., they play requests, and really rock it out!

These sock hops are a blast!

Get your partners, your neighbors, and anyone you want to share a memorable evening with, and come join us in a trip back to our golden youth!

Wear your poodle skirt, your rolled-up jeans, or Tucson casual, just dress for fun! Dance to your own beat, dance like you wanted to in your youth! Stan and I wouldn’t miss it, join us!