There’s a New Club in Town!

Andrea Cothran

Attention, cocktail enthusiasts and foodies of SaddleBrooke Ranch. Discover the art of craft cocktails and culinary pairings with the brandnew Mixology Club of SaddleBrooke Ranch!

Embark on a tantalizing journey through the world of craft cocktails and gourmet cuisine. Join us as we celebrate the artistry behind mixology and culinary pairings, where every sip and bite tells a story of flavor and creativity.

Created by club President Dave Muck, the mission of our Mixology Cocktail Club is to provide an unparalleled experience in the world of cocktails and culinary delights. We aim to curate a community of cocktail enthusiasts who share a passion for creativity, quality, and innovation. Through expertly crafted cocktails and thoughtfully paired food offerings, we seek to elevate the enjoyment of both beverages and cuisine.

Our club serves as a platform for members to explore the art of mixology, learn about different spirits and ingredients, and indulge in unique flavor combinations. Our goal is to foster a vibrant and inclusive environment where members can expand their palates, refine their cocktail-making skills, and forge meaningful connections with fellow enthusiasts.

Our first official event will be on Tuesday, May 7, which also happens to be National Cosmopolitan Day! This event will be open to all residents, so you have the opportunity to see what we are all about. Watch for details in your SBR weekly events email.

For membership information, please contact Membership Chairman Hobie Richards at [email protected]. Please put the word “membership” in the subject line.

Come sip, savor, and socialize with us as we toast to the art of craft cocktails and culinary excellence.

Cheers to good times and great flavors! See you at the bar!