Think Tennis! Think Fun!

Left to right: Mark Martin, Sally Grasso, Lupe Cook and John Hopkins

Left to right: Mark Martin, Sally Grasso, Lupe Cook and John Hopkins

Tove Pape

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Tennis Association (SBRTA) is gearing up for another fun fall festival. On October 23 and 24 the club will host its annual Steiness Tennis Festival, which was named in honor of the club’s founder and first president Helge Steiness.

The goal of the tennis festival is to provide competitive play for all skill levels and fun and comradery for all participants and spectators alike. The participants, as was done last year, will be divided into two teams spreading the talent as evenly as possible. Players of similar skill levels from each team will play each other. The team with the most wins at the end of the festival can claim bragging rights for the coming year.

Last year the two teams were the Ranch Rattlers and the Howling Coyotes. The Howling Coyotes won. There was great audience participation with lots of cheering going on for both teams.

The festival is limited to members of the SBRTA, so if you haven’t joined yet, now would be the time. The registration deadline for the festival is August 31, 2015. The entry fee of $15 can be paid to Alastair Stone at [email protected].

If you haven’t played in a while or are new to the game, consider signing up for the free Monday morning “development” sessions. These sessions are supervised by experienced club members.

Mark your calendars now so you don’t miss out on this great event.