Thursday Talks: February 21 “Speaking of Ravens”

Ravens are the largest of the passerine birds, or songbirds. Although the Common Raven’s voice can hardly be considered melodic, what it lacks in soothing song it makes up for in extreme intelligence. Think also, for example, primates, dolphins, elephants, parrots and octopuses. Ravens have coexisted with humans for thousands of years and occur frequently in mythology.

Join Thursday Talks on February 21 to welcome Toni Kahklen-Hoffman and Bob Elder teaming up to discuss ravens and their kin. This talk, called Speaking of Ravens, begins at 4:00 p.m. in La Mesa/Montana Rooms located in the La Hacienda Club.

Bob Elder starts out this interesting presentation by examining raven taxonomy, aspects of their natural history, their intelligence and their role in folklore. The second part of the program will be presented by Toni Kahklen-Hoffman, a Native Tlingit American and a member of the Raven Moiety. She will share her experiences growing up in southeast Alaska and her family’s Tlingit cultural perspective and the role ravens play in their tribal society.