Top Dog Golf Queen, Jean

Beth Chamberlin

July and August are super hot!

The ladies wondered, should we golf, or not?

Jean came to our rescue, she had a plan

Yes, we should play. As much as we can!

The Dog Days of Summer was chosen as the theme

Would some of the ladies take it to the extreme?

Every team had to choose a creative name

Points would be earned, it was part of the game

Let’s decorate the carts that will be fun

The ladies got it done, one by one

Chicas Calientes, Bow Wow Babes & Birdie Dogs

Would they find decorations in catalogs?

Par Tee Dawgs, Hottie Dogs & Muddy Paws

Each of the carts would earn some applause

Every week Jean chose a different game

She knew it would boring if were always the same

Skins, scrambles, cha cha chas & blind nine

Didn’t play well? That’s okay, have a glass of wine

Stableford, Strike Three, Two Dogs and a Treat

Closer than a collie, now that was a feat

Chapman, seeing eye dogs, five & five

Each week we wondered, which team would thrive?

We all competed for a total of eight weeks

Plenty of time to show off our techniques

Every Saturday night we looked for that email

Would we celebrate, or would we wail?

Today was the last day, we will find out the winner

Which team will celebrate with a yummy dinner?

We had so much fun competing all summer long

To not recognize Jean would be totally wrong

The point of this poem is to thank you Jean

We hail to you, the Ranch golf queen