Unit 6 Is at it Again…

Todd Manary, Hobie Richards, David First, and Carl Wesely

Liza First, Pam Whims, Dorothy Rupp, and Irene Harvey

No one loves mullets like Katie Lundgren and Lisa Richards

On June 30, Katie and Marc Lundgren hosted the 1st Annual Unit 6 Redneck Trailer party at their home. Everyone dressed the part and brought food to share.There were games and contests for best female, male, and couples costumes. Around 60 neighbors were in attendance and enjoyed the ambiance, barbecue, and laughter. There were many “pregnant” gals smokin’ and drinkin,’ and some with babies attached. We saw lots of mullets, tattoos, and cutoff shorts on the guys. There were funny hats, shirts, overalls, and headbands. The food was creative, too, with fish and chips (ruffles and goldfish), frank and beans, pea salad, cigarette pretzels, and even Hostess Twinkies. I know there was some Fireball around, and I think I even saw some moonshine. I’m pretty sure they’ll all be back next year with even better costumes.