Unit Happenings

Unit 8B

Jodde Weiland

Our SaddleBrooke Ranch neighborhood, Unit 8B, was finally able to come together after COVID-19 and celebrate as a unit on May 14. The Unit 8B happy hour took place in Rick and Jodee Weiland’s backyard where neighbors came together to celebrate friendships, both new and old! Many of those present moved into our neighborhood during COVID restrictions, which made it difficult to meet new neighbors, but that’s over now, and we all look forward to getting to know each other better while we plan new and fun-filled social events together as a unit.

Our Unit 8B happy hour had more than 35 participants, and with the recently updated CDC guidelines, we were able to mix and mingle safely, while enjoying delicious turkey and chicken roll ups with various chip packages. People were able to move around and meet new neighbors, as well as chat with old friends. We were all having so much fun together after not seeing so many for so long, that the happy hour lasted longer than planned. For Unit 8B, it felt so good just to be able to come together and celebrate! Here’s to many more future celebrations for us and everyone else in SaddleBrooke Ranch!

Villa 14B

Debra McGiboney

We had our “first” Villa 14B block party on May 30, which was a great success! Everyone brought a dish and brought their own beverage.

Unit 16C Jubilee

Lucy Lange

Unit 16C, one of the newer units here at SBR, continued their monthly get-togethers in June. But this was no C and C (cheese and crackers) event. Although Unit 16C, with only 26 lots, is still under construction, the current residents possess a culinary talent unrivaled anywhere here at SBR. Twenty-six 16C members gathered in the backyard of hosts Jim Hoagland, Glenna Matthews, and co-hosts Chris Wojnarowicz and Dave Bates to feast on an epicurean delight of cherries jubilee. Yep, you read that right—cherries jubilee with flames and ice cream (fire and ice) was just one of the stars of this flambéing mirthfulness. All was good, we had no need to call the Golder Ranch Fire and no one’s hair caught on fire. And what would cherries jubilee be without lavender shortbread cookies and a fine port? It was a wonderful night of merriment, friendship, and laughter, but it seems that every monthly get-together uses those same adjectives.