Unit Happenings

Wayne, Milan, Terry, Anita, and Pam (Photo by Jacque Hendricks)

“Sweet” 16A Get-Together

Kim Schweitzer

On Sept. 29, residents of unit 16A gathered at The Bistro for a Welcome Fall Happy Hour.

Together we snacked, clinked our glasses, talked, and were just happy to see our friends and neighbors.

For some of the attendees, this was the first time meeting and getting acquainted with their new neighbors.

A 16A trivia sheet was prepared, and we learned some fun facts about our unit, such as:

• 16A was the fastest-selling unit at the time.

• Two people in our unit went to high school together.

• Two neighbors’ mothers worked together at Sears (a few years ago).

• Washington state has sent the most residents to reside here.

• What the names of our models mean in English.

We all had a wonderful time, and the committee is planning more events in the future.

Thank you to Judy Dodson, Sue Monson, Gayle O’Connor, Jeanne Sadlik, and Kim Schweitzer for putting this together.

Happy hour #67: Unit 8A residents create a #67 out of foam noodles at the outdoor pool area as they celebrate 67 months of happy hours in September 2021.

“Count-Up” to Six Years of Unit 8A Happy Hours

Janelle Arthur

As a new year or a milestone approaches, Ranchers tend to “count-down” the number of months, days, hours, or minutes remaining. With six years of monthly happy hours fast approaching, Unit 8A residents decided to try a different approach—a “count-up.”

The unit celebrated its 65th in-a-row monthly happy hour in July, posing for a group picture with giant gold “65” balloons. In August, the 66th month was marked with a group picture with an Arizona Route 66 sign, and in September, happy hour #67 was illustrated with two orange foam noodles.

The happy hour gatherings started at The Bistro in March 2016 with a small group of the first Unit 8Ars. The monthly event quickly became a Unit 8A tradition as well as a way to welcome new neighbors to the Unit. As the Unit and attendance grew, happy hour moved from The Bistro to the La Vista Room, to the Ranch House Grill & Brewery, and finally to outdoor settings in driveways, patios, and at the pool.

Each month’s prop is a surprise presented during happy hour. Four more creative months to go until the Unit celebrates #72 in February 2022!