Unit Happenings – May 2023

Unit 16A Bingo Fun

From left to right: Ron Roberts, Diane Bradley, Jeffrey Harbert, and JoAnn Roberts

Marlene Diskin

Joyful shouts of “Bingo!” resounded through the room as residents of Unit 16A enjoyed its first Bingo Night on March 27. Kim Schweitzer, assisted by her husband, Larry, called out numbers with exuberance. So many 16A residents attended that the Bingo chips ran out and snack mix pieces were then used as chips!

Game winners chose from prizes donated by committee members Pam Steube, Gayle O’Connell, and Marlene Diskin.

“This was a fun time of fellowship with our neighbors,” said Ron Roberts, multiple game winner. “Let’s do it again!”

Unit 46A’s First Block Party

Cher Stroben

The SaddleBrooke Ranch 46A residents held their first (to be annual) block party on March 30, and it was a big success! The focus of the gathering was fellowship and enjoying music by 46A’s own Andy Waddell and the band T.N.B. They played the best music that we could sing to and sway with.

Our little village of 46A residents all brought munchies to share, and we all filled our tummies. The smorgasbord of food included elk meatballs, pulled pork barbecue, pinwheel sandwiches, tostadas, pigs in a blanket, chips and dip, cornbread, spice slices, fruits, cookies, and even a birthday cake. Oh my goodness, more food than you can name and it was all so delicious. Thank you all for bringing the wonderful goodies.

Our next gathering will be held sometime in May. Volunteers are working to come up with the theme for the next gathering.