Welcome New Neighbors

Newcomers Are Welcomed Virtually

Linda Shannon-Hills and Linda Harvey

You have been waiting to close on your new home at SaddleBrooke Ranch, but many of the reasons to come to this great community are limited at this time. The Newcomers Welcome Group could no longer hold Welcome Gatherings due to social distancing, so we are now welcoming our new residents with electronic Settler’s Guides, as well as information to help in some small way to settle in a bit faster. The biggest improvement the Newcomer’s Welcome Group has made is adding welcome volunteers in each unit. Our volunteers are sent contact information about the new people that have moved into their unit. They either call or email to offer assistance, answer any questions, and hopefully, give them a feeling of being welcomed to our wonderful community.

Linda Harvey and Linda Shannon-Hills would like to give a shout out to our wonderful volunteers: Judy Fisher, Edie Kellogg, Dale and Jeff Farland, Linda Nicholson, Bev Hinton, Polly Jones, Deb Sandin, Gregg and Terry Pendy, Elaine Klicker, Alastair Stone, Janelle Authur, Beryl Wilcox, Mardiece and Colin Patrick, Cyndy Pylkka, Kay Johnson, Nancy Olsen, Erin and Corbin Newman, Donna Birch, Karen Cain, Maria Astaire, Linda Newton, Roxanne and Pete Watson, Toni Graves, Gloria Schick, Vicki Warning, and Melanie Sedam.

Please give a warm welcome to your new neighbors in your unit that closed in the month of June.

4A: Mike and Julia Price on E Hornbill Place

7: Victor and Jeanne Nordstrom on E Amur Lane

8a: David Ambler and Vicki Froistad on S Agarita Dr

8: John and Judith Callahan on E Peppertree Lane

9B: Benjamin and Nancy Eisenstein on E Heron Dr

9A: Jack and Melinda Fincham on E Heron Dr

9A: Michael and Huberta Staniec on E Heron Dr

10: Jacqueline Elphic on E Juniper Rd

10: Leslie Cooke and Linda Monrad on E Jacaranda

14A: Jerry and Kathy Meyer on S Canyon Vista Way

16B: Sharon Wessman on E Happy Jack Tr

16C: Brian and Darlynn Nero on E Dead Wood Tr

16C: James Hoagland and Glenna Matthews on E Dead Wood Tr

16C: Davitt (Dav) and Susan Armstrong on E Dead Wood Tr

17: Art and Mary Anne Frelund on E Quartzite Rd

17: Robert and Geraldine Ortega on E Marble Dr

We would also like to make a spelling correction from last month’s welcome. 14B in the Villas—Roy Wait and Susan Hilchey on S Basalt Dr.