Welcome New Neighbors

Linda Harvey and Linda Shannon-Hills

Please extend a warm welcome to our 31 newest homeowners. They come to SaddleBrooke Ranch from 13 different states. This is a record for so many states being represented in one month.

Now that they are part of the community, we have a welcome program designed to help the newcomers quickly become part of SaddleBrooke Ranch. We know how important it is to become comfortable in a new neighborhood, and we want to make sure our newest neighbors feel comfortable and welcomed.

All new residents, that is homeowners as well as renters, are invited to attend a webinar designed and run by the newcomer volunteers. This is a 45 minute presentation of professional-grade PowerPoint slides that provides a wealth of information about the community and much more. The webinar is held on the second Thursday of each month. It has been great to meet this way, as we can include people who have closed on their property but might still be in another part of the country. So, they can simply connect through Zoom. Plus, it can provide a good break from unpacking. If anyone needs help using Zoom, help is also available. To get the registration information for the next webinar, send an email to [email protected].

Another part of our welcome program for homeowners includes having a picture taken for the SaddleBrooke Ranch Roundup. These pictures are taken by the volunteers on the first Monday of the month between noon and 1 p.m. on the patio outside the La Mesa Room, overlooking the golf course at La Hacienda Club. This is an informal event. Pre-registration is not required. New homeowners will receive an email invitation once they close on their house. If this time does not work into your schedule, other arrangements can be made. For more information about this, send an email to [email protected].

Each home in SaddleBrooke Ranch is situated in a unit, as designed by Robson. Each unit has at least one newcomer welcome volunteer, who makes it their priority to welcome the new people in the unit. These volunteers are good resources for knowing when and how to connect with the webinar and/or photo shoot, and they provide a digital copy of the Settler’s Guide, which is a handbook with information about the community and surrounding area.

April 2021 Closings

Unit 1: Sheryl Ratliff

Unit 2: Joseph and Sheryl Rust

Unit 3: Scott and Janice Lowry

Unit 6: Robert and Nancy Thornton

Unit 7: Michael and Lisa Moffatt; Bill and Dede Jones

Unit 9: Jeff Morse; Charlie and Ronda Congdon

Unit 10: Scott and Mari Senden

Unit 16B: Paul and Kathy Hutchens

Unit 16C: John and Maria Antonucci

Unit 17: Craig and Dawn Lukos; Timothy and Lynne Graves; Frank Pfaffenbichler; Gregory Frank; Cynthia and Debra Carlson; John Krapf; Michael and Sally Brown

Unit 46A: Lawrence and Susan Stults; Gary and Kathleen Kuhn

Unit 46B: John and Judith Tedeschi

Unit 4A: Larry and Kathi Lautt; Mark and Cindi Madison; Steven and Lisa Rocereto

Unit 4B: Charlie Coxe and Liza Strub

Villas 14A: Lon and Martha Frohling; Julie Stahl; Daniel and Carla Murphy

Villas 14B: Linda Laster; Andrew and Sheliah Drewienkowski; Jolene Ormonde