Welcome New Neighbors

Linda Harvey and Linda Shannon-Hills

Please welcome the 21 newest homeowners to SaddleBrooke Ranch (SBR).

Moving can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming—especially the part about unpacking. My advice is to take a break and meet the newcomer welcome volunteer who contacts you.

The volunteer will invite you to attend a webinar specially designed for new homeowners to SBR, like you. During the webinar, there is information about the HOA Management Team, and how to use the HOA website. Also explained are the minimum spending requirements, the Loyalty Reward Program, and much more. Valuable information will be shared with you about how to make living at SaddleBrooke Ranch more enjoyable. Plus, you will meet some neighbors. The webinar makes it easy to connect with people because you can do it from your new home without having to travel. If you need help with Zoom, that is available as well. For more information about the webinar, send an email to [email protected].

The newcomer welcome volunteer will also invite you to have your picture taken as a good way to be introduced to the community. For more information about the photos, send an email to [email protected].

Unit 1: Michael O’Bleness and Kimberly Turner

Unit 2: Robert and Micaela Gibson

Unit 3: Richard Flink and Judith Yazzie; Linda Gibson

Unit 4B: David and Donna Prewitt; Jon and Catherine Juhlin

Unit 6: Edward and Linda Stelmach; David and Liza First

Unit 7: Jerry and Wonona Davis

Unit 9: David and Sharon Steen

Unit 16B: Gerald and Claire Tietje

Unit 17: Joe Brunold, and Bill and Dana Alexander; Greg Lowe and Jodi Walker-Lowe; Roy and Debbie Salisbury

Unit 46A: Michael and Joyce Luckman

Villas 14A: Carol Ennis; Kathy and Shelly Grudin; Catherine Steel; Troy and Tina

Villas 14B: Rodney and DiAnn Easterby; Ron Linden and Jamie Beltran

Again, the newcomer welcome volunteer has valuable information to share with you. Plus, it’s a good way to begin meeting your neighbors.