Welcome, New Neighbors

Welcome new homeowners to SaddleBrooke Ranch! Several of you appear on this page as a way to introduce you to our community.

While each new homeowner is welcomed by a newcomer volunteer, new people often tell us they also enjoy seeing waves and greetings from their neighbors and people they do not yet know. Many residents have made numerous moves that were organized and designed to meet someone else’s needs. When people move here, it is most likely by personal choice.

The vast majority of newcomers do not know anyone here and are eager to make new friends. There are a variety of clubs already set up that make that easy. If you cannot find an activity to suit you, then you may want to consider starting a group. All the clubs and activities are organized and run by volunteers. If it’s something you enjoy doing, it isn’t really work, right? That’s why we have volunteers in each unit to welcome the newcomers. They enjoy doing what they do.

As a way to welcome people, the Newcomer Welcome Volunteer Group has many helpful ways to learn about your new surroundings and meet people. For instance, a webinar is held monthly that can be viewed from the comfort of your home. A photo shoot happens at least once a month, at which your picture is taken that will appear in the monthly SBR Roundup newspaper.

As a new resident, an important first step is to stop by the Front Desk, located in the Ranch House, outside the Ballroom. An HOA employee has important information for new people, including resale buyers, long-term renters, and buyers who rent until their house is completed.

If you have any questions about any of this information, or to sign up for the webinar or photo shoot, send an email to [email protected] or to [email protected].

Unit 3: Mark and Linda Noble; Thomas and Joan Grawe

Unit 6: Ronald and Janice Junkin; John and Beverly Huffman; Michael and Miyuki McDonagh

Unit 7: Robert and Karen Derdzinske; John and Jan Ohman

Unit 8: Richard and Stacy Merritt; Alain and Julie Martinez

Unit 10: Marc and Debra Argabright; Joseph and Donna Glas

Unit 16C: Charles and Loren Weimer

Unit 17: Kevin Kelly and Sandra Sherman; John Wyatt; Gerald Niebling and Louise Ostrowski; David and Tia Willson; Bernd and Michelle Kembitzky; Hernan and Jaymee Gutierrez

Villas 14A: Larry Larson and Beverly Patch-Larson

Villas 14B: Laurene Marshall

Villas 21A: Daniel and Patricia Easley; Muriel Ferland; Richard and Kathleen Lewis; Heino and Kathleen Clemens