Welcome New Neighbors

Linda Harvey and Linda Shannon-Hills
Please extend a warm welcome to the 20 homeowners who moved to SaddleBrooke Ranch (SBR) in March 2022.
Some of these new homeowners appear in the pictures on this page. As you see, the photos are a great way to be introduced to the community. But photos are only part of the welcome that awaits new homeowners. The Newcomer Welcome Volunteer (NWV) program is designed to share information about SaddleBrooke Ranch from a resident’s point of view based on what has been found to be important when moving into the community. While most of our residents have lived in various communities over the years, SBR is unique and special to those who have chosen to live here. And we want to share the best ways to become connected to the SBR community and with other residents here. The sooner a homeowner learns their way around, the sooner they can begin to enjoy their new life.
The first thing all new residents should do is stop by the Front Desk to introduce themselves to Jamie Shipley. The Front Desk is located in the Ranch House near the ballroom entrance. Jamie is the first point of contact for HOA questions. Plus, she can fix many problems that new residents have with HOA website logins, keys to the pool area, charging authorization at the Grill, and much more. All homeowners and renters should stop by and meet Jamie in order to avoid problems and misunderstandings down the road.
The month after a homeowner closes on their home, a welcome email is sent from the volunteer group that includes important and timely information, in addition to several attachments (including our Settler’s Guide). Next, a resident volunteer will call, or send an email or text message, to extend a welcome and answer questions you may have. Finally, there is a newcomer gathering to which all new homeowners are invited and at which photos for the SaddleBrooke Ranch Roundup newspaper are taken. If you have lost or not seen the welcome email with its attachments, simply email [email protected] or [email protected] for another copy.
The cadre of Newcomer Welcome Volunteers consists of SBR residents who enjoy welcoming people to the community. They are active and enthusiastically involved with many of the clubs and organizations. You might even meet the volunteer at the arts and technology center, or on the pickleball court, or at the blood drive. You will find that part of the reason SBR is special is because of the wonderful volunteers here.
Welcome newcomers!
Closings in March:
Unit 4A: Kimberly Johnson
Unit 6: Michael and Lonnie Shane
Unit 9: George and Kathleen Smith
Unit 16B: Gregory and Jodi Mazakian
Unit 17: Michael and Karen Shave
Unit 18A: Cindy Cragin, Jon and Carrie Gelsey, Steven and Leslie Samse, Christopher and Sandra Tucker, Joseph and Kathlene Genevay, Philip and Kathy Jelleff, Janice Smith, Robert and Deborah Kuennen
Unit 46A: Michael and Paula Burns, Jack and Jo Blease
Villas 14A: William Schrader and Susan Benike, Keith and Margaret Basney
Villas 14B: Rudie and Cathy Allison
Villas 21A: Sharron Kozma, Jodie Schimke