Welcome New Neighbors

Linda Harvey and Linda Shannon-Hills

Welcome to our new neighbors moving into our beautiful community. We have a wonderful welcome program for all new residents to SaddleBrooke Ranch (SBR).

Moving into a new community can be a daunting experience, and our Newcomers Welcome volunteers want to help with the transition. Our group consists of resident volunteers who share information about SaddleBrooke Ranch from a resident’s point of view. We discuss the best ways to become connected to the community and with other residents.

We encourage all new residents to visit the SBR Front Desk to meet Jamie Shipley to receive their orientation information for SaddleBrooke Ranch. Within a month of moving into their new homes, newcomers will receive a welcome email from our group, which includes our Settler’s Guide—a handbook with key facts, SBR Activities and Clubs list, information on how to order a resident SBR name badge, a list of local restaurants, and history information about the Oracle community and Arizona. The new homeowner can expect a call, email, or text message from a unit resident volunteer to extend a welcome and to answer questions.

Each month the Newcomers Welcome volunteers hold a gathering for new homeowners and renters. You are invited to attend to learn more about our community. We take photographs of homeowners to be included in the Roundup newspaper. It is optional to have your photograph taken, but it is a good way to be introduced to the community.

If you have lost or not seen the welcome email with attachments, simply email [email protected] or [email protected] to have the information sent to you again.

We encourage renters to visit Jamie Shipley at the Front Desk to receive a renter’s card to use at the fitness center and indoor pool. Jamie can register you with access to other HOA information.

The group of Newcomers Welcome volunteers consists of SBR residents who enjoy welcoming people to the community. They are active and enthusiastically involved with many of the clubs and organizations. You might even meet the volunteer at the Creative Arts and Technology Center, on the pickleball or tennis courts, or at a Red Cross blood drive. Part of the beauty of living at the Ranch are the wonderful volunteers.

Closings in December

Unit 6: Carl and Nancy Wesely

Unit 7: David and Lori Clifford

Unit 10: Richard Pellinger and Clara Elena Yutuc

Unit 17: Arnis (Arnie) and Sandra Tolks, Ken and Stacy West

Unit 18A: Christopher (Chris) Dreher and Karin Palese, James and Rita Kimminau, Gregg and Linda Johnson

Unit 18B: Ronald and Monica Forgey, Gary and Terri Kraak, John and Kathleen Aarons, Kenneth and Leslie Castner, Thomas McCarthy and Deborah Lynn, Peter Quilty and Lorraine Evans, Michael and Pamela Kravitz, Sandra (Sandy) Fenton, Anthony and Linda Manza, Ken and Kim Rice

Unit 21A: Yvonne Rice, Richard McDonald and Evelyn (Evie) Falk, Nancy Doyle, James and Cherry Pentony, Patricia Meyer

Renters: Donna Haydel, building a villa in progress, and Rick Fisher, building a home in Unit 18C