Welcome New Neighbors

Linda Shannon-Hills

Welcome to our new homeowners moving into our beautiful community in the last few months. We have a wonderful welcome program for all new residents to SaddleBrooke Ranch.

Each month, the Newcomers Welcome volunteers hold a gathering for new homeowners and renters. You are invited to attend to learn more about our community. We take photographs of homeowners to be included in the SaddleBrooke Ranch Roundup newspaper. It is optional to have your photograph taken, but it is a good way to be introduced to the community.

We encourage all new residents to visit the SBR HOA Desk to meet Jamie Shipley, located at the opposite end of the Ranch House Grill, to receive their orientation information for SaddleBrooke Ranch. We also encourage renters to visit Jamie to receive a renter’s card to use at the fitness center and indoor pool. Jamie can register you with access to other HOA information.

The group of Newcomers Welcome volunteers consists of SBR residents who enjoy meeting people and welcoming them to our community. They are active and enthusiastically involved with many of the clubs and organizations. Contact our group if you would like to become a Newcomers Welcome volunteer.

If you have questions, contact Jamie Shipley at [email protected] or volunteer Linda Shannon-Hills at [email protected].

No Photos Available

Cindy and Mike Smith closed in May 2023 but didn’t move into their new villa home on Osprey in Unit 21A until January from Renton, Wash., with their dog. They enjoy the weather, pickleball, and the friendly community.

Wayne and Patty McStrack moved into their new home in late December 2023 on Cardinal Lane in Unit 18C from Wisconsin. They enjoy the climate and the view of the mountains. Their hobbies are reupholstering.

Correction: Susan and Bob Stracy’s name was misspelled in the last Roundup. My apologies.

Closings in January 2024

(Note: * is a resale closing)

4B: Leonard Braithwait and Kathleen Siebenlist*

9: Ronald and Lori Steinthal*

16A: John and Diane Tapper*

16B: Robert and Christie Blackburn*

18C: Anthony and Lynn Sakaniwa

17: Thomas and Linda Bristow, Cynthia and David Waller*

21A: David and Marcee Kain