Welcome New Neighbors

Linda Harvey and Linda Shannon-Hills

You have just moved into SaddleBrooke Ranch. Getting to know other new neighbors is a good way to get incorporated into this friendly and fast-growing community. Due to the quarantine of facilities, we have been contacting new residents with electronic copies of our Settler’s Guide and other important files to help them get settled. 

If you are new to SaddleBrooke Ranch and have not received a Settler’s Guide, contact Linda at [email protected].

Newcomers in February, March, and April.

Jane Mcknight and Oliver Renner, Fred and Cheryl Javid, Gary and Deborah Keeney, Marcia Mcchrystal, Mike and Vicki Derrenberger, John and Valerie Stryker, Stephen and Christine Kaestle, Edward and Tina Kratzer, Edward and Barbara Saffran, Jeffrey and Bambi Gansz, Harold and Vicki Peabody, Thomas and Maria McDermott, Emilio and Jill Acosta, Fredrick and Gail Davila, Corrine and Richard Zabinski, Joel and Eileen Wagner, Robert and Debra Cressio, Michael and Lori Leonard, Stephen and Susan Irons, Michael and Jacqueline Winter, Anthony and Judy Petchar, Roger and Marsha Lindeken, Lloyd and Patricia Demartini, Darrell and Renate Lockwood, David and Gayle Richey, Rock Sobolik and Brigitte Toucheque, Darrell and Renate Lockwood  , Richard and Deborah, William and Anne Budo, Fredrick and Katrina Horstman, Phylip and Karen Peltier, Brian and Paula Johnson, Douglas and Aileen Waters, Brian and Sheri Stark, Andrew and Regina Racueh, Stephen and Kristin Marada, Melanie Langholz, Jeffery and Mary Anne Vonk, Carol Rose, Nancy Tagge, Carol and Sol Ginsberg, John and Jeanne Sadlik, Mark and Mary Shirey, David and Frances Jenkins, Roger Cowles and Susan Lucarelli, Richard and Sandra Landis , Richard and Paula Rogers, James and Marlene Hardison, Terry and Diana Walton