Welcome New Neighbors: Newcomers Are Welcomed Virtually

Linda Shannon-Hills and Linda Harvey

The Newcomers Welcome Program would like to welcome our new residents that closed in late October. With the pandemic situation, our Newcomers Welcome has not been able to hold face-to-face gatherings to welcome our new neighbors but rather with Zoom meetings.

The names listed here closed in October. Some have had their photos taken but we hope to include the others in the weeks to come.

Please give a warm welcome to your new neighbors in your unit joining the SaddleBrooke Ranch community.


2: Raymond (Ray) and Olivia Hahn

4A: Patricia (Patty) and Michael (Mike) Henderson

7: Anthony and Caroyln Martel

8: Andrew (Andy) and Judith (Judy) Abadia

8: Stephen (Steve) and Valerie (Val) Laak

9: Todd and Jacqueline (Gigi) Lauer

10: Claire (Mac) and Katherine McArthur

10: Timothy (Tim) Schaal and Carol Kennedy

16B: Robert (Bob) and Shirley Lewis

16C: William (Bill) and Elba McGinn

16C: Hans and Lucy Lange

17: Daniel and Jeanette Green

17: John and Jody Burdick

17: Richard and Dale Hanson

17: Matthew and Arlene Fleming

46A: John and Wendy Pruiett

46B: Joseph and AnnMarie Camillucci

46B: Kim Pederson

47: David and Charlene (Char) Goodknight


14A: Donald Brotchie and Kathy Richard

14A: Ben and Adriana Wensink

14A: Ruth Fjellman

14B: Audrey King and Timothy O’Neill

14B: Wayne and Debra (Deb) McGiboney

14B: James (Jim) and Jaquelyn (Jacquie) Bradford

14B: Elizabeth (Betty) Braun

14B: Karla and Timothy Riordan

14B: Fabian Robles and Shannon Rodriguez

Check out the full article in the Roundup on the December Newcomers Welcome Webinar. If you would like to attend, contact Linda Shannon-Hills at [email protected] if you did not receive an invitation for the webinars.