Welcome Newcomers to SaddleBrooke Ranch

Linda Harvey and Linda Shannon-Hills

The pandemic has really created a challenge for all of us. Just think what it would be like for new residents moving to the Ranch during the quarantine. You know no one and have questions; but where do you go for answers?

The Newcomers Welcome Committee can’t hold the monthly welcome sessions, so instead, we are sending new residents the Settler’s Guide in electronic format, along with other important files. Our Newcomers Committee of Unit Volunteers has stepped up to notify new residents in their neighborhood unit, so they can email and/or call their new neighbors if they have questions.

Give our new residents closing in May a hearty welcome.

Ralph and Harriet Mittelberger in Unit 3 on Ankole Drive

Felipe and Diana Posada in Unit 4B on Cattle Trail

Kevin Hand in Unit 8A on Tamarisk Drive

Alan and Linda Watchorn in Unit 8 on Summerwind Drive

Mark and Mary Ann Leifer in Unit 10 on Wren Circle

Edward and Frances Harrington in Unit 10 on Pinyon Drive

Rick Maki and Mary Fernandez in Unit 10 on Juniper

Tim and Glenda Resh in Unit 10 on Pinyon Drive

Roy Waite and Susan Hilchey in Unit 14B (Villas) on Basalt Drive

Mark Molinaro in Unit 14B (Villas) on Basalt Drive

Donna Hoshide in Unit 14B (Villas) on Flint Drive

Dann and Kim Woody in Unit 14B (Villas) on Flint Drive

David Bates and Christine Wojnarowicz in Unit 16C on Deadwood Trail

Lowell and Toni Graves in Unit 16C on Happy Jack Trail

Donald Crawford in Unit 46B on Arroyo Grande

Lonnie and Julie Peterson in Unit 46B on Angora Place

Matthew and Patricia Rippy in Unit 46B on Arbor Basin Road

If you are new to the community and have not been contacted or have not received the Settler’s Guide, contact Linda Shannon-Hills at 970-389-5131 or [email protected].