Welcome to the “Jewel Generation”

Dee Saunders

If this is your first time hearing about our web magazine, let me explain. “Jewel” is an acronym for Journal for Experienced Women Enjoying Life. Since we didn’t like being called seniors or baby boomers, we have given ourselves the name of “Jewel Generation.” It’s not about wanting to be or looking younger, it’s about having an identity other than “old lady.” After all, we are the priceless, timeless women of our generation, the Jewels on the family tree. Please check us out at: www.jewelgeneration.com. Be sure and subscribe to our blog to receive email notices of updated articles (subscribers will ONLY receive blog notifications and will not be inundated with email junk).

The Jewel philosophy is two-fold. Besides providing an information magazine geared to senior women, we hope to have the advertising agencies and retailers recognize us as a powerful financial demographic and a prime engine of commerce. In fact, statistics show that our generation is the third largest economy in the world, second only to the U.S. and China. Our goal is for you to read our articles laced with a little senior humor and respond with a “Wow,I didn’t know that.” We also hope it gives you a little me time to escape into a world that is meant to nourish the souls of us Jewels.

Our vision for this publication is that it will not only provide articles on many topics that interest our Jewel Generation, but it will ultimately solve the frustration of both mall shopping and internet purchases via our future catalog portion. We are tired of seeing ads with 20-something size zero models. We intend to change that by featuring clothes that are suitable and fashionable for our generation and body style and use age appropriate women to model them.

With enough Jewel voices, our hope is that we will soon be recognized as a force that not only should be catered to but also has the ability to greatly influence the economy and market in many ways. Let us know what you think at: [email protected].