Welcome to the Newcomers of SaddleBrooke Ranch

Linda Harvey and Linda Shannon-Hills

Please extend a warm welcome and a wave to the 17 new homeowners who were on the January HOA closing list. We are so glad they have joined our beautiful SaddleBrooke Ranch.

A great program has been developed to introduce newcomers to SaddleBrooke Ranch and for the community to get to know the newcomers. All residents, including renters, are encouraged to participate in the monthly gathering of new residents.

Each unit at SBR has a Newcomer Welcome Volunteer who contacts newcomers in the unit and provides a packet of information that is designed to help people get settled into the community. In addition, each new homeowner is invited to have their pictures taken, which is included in the monthly community newspaper, the SaddleBrooke Ranch Roundup. This is a great way to be introduced to the community.

Each new homeowner, including prior renters and resales, are asked to stop by the HOA front desk located in the Ranch House near the ballroom entrance for important information provided by the HOA. This information helps with access to the fitness center facilities, classes, SBR website login, and much more.

The front desk is also the location for purchasing accessories that have your membership number embedded. There are waterproof wristbands, key fobs, key tags, membership cards, and stickers that can be peeled and placed on the back of phones or other items. The membership ID is required at the indoor pool, fitness center, and to charge at the Bistro and Ranch House.

If you haven’t yet been contacted by a Newcomer Welcome Volunteer, want information on the monthly gathering, or want to have your photo taken, please send an email to [email protected] or [email protected].

January closing list

Unit 1: Anthony and Debra Salerno

Unit 2: Steven and Mary Jo Wright

Unit 4A: Geore and Billie Beattie

Unit 6: Gary and Melanie Tackett, William and Jacqueline St. Clair, Doug and Amy Rhoades, Paul and Susan Billig, Robert and Debra Belt

Unit 7: Karen Walser and Shirley Budding

Unit 8A: Richard and Terri Vossekuil

Unit 16B: Lance Foss and Lisa Zahn

Unit 17: John and Karen Vanderwall

Unit 18A: Scot and Patricia Becker, Kathleen Jacobs

Unit 46B: Donald and Sandra Alciati

Villas 21A: Robert Moroney, Joan Keane