Wellness Roundup Talk: The Science and Technology of Keeping Your Joints, Performing Better, and Growing Younger

Dr. John Tait

Linda Shannon-Hills

The field of regenerative medicine has rapidly expanded over the past decade with the pioneering treatments utilizing platelets and stem cells for treatment of painful orthopedic issues.

You are invited to attend the SaddleBrooke Ranch Wellness Roundup Talk on Friday, Oct. 27, from 1:30 to 3 p.m. in La Mesa/Montana Rooms located in La Hacienda Club.

The Wellness Roundup Talk for October will feature John Tait, D.O., founder and chief health strategist of ORIGEN Orthopedics & Optimal Health, located in Oro Valley.

During his talk, he will cover:

* Why 90% of your joint health is not determined by your genes.

* How to reset and recharge your body’s regenerative capacity.

* A surprising truth about treating pain that many brilliant orthopedic surgeons and pain management physicians will never teach you.

* Most importantly, how you too can build your own path from where you may be now (hurting) to where you want to be (healed).

You have built-in, joint-preserving longevity programming. Now you just have to learn how to activate it!