Westward Look treats horseback riders to beautiful ride

Right to left: Rosemary Douglas, Margaret Somenske, Vince Fung, Mary Fung, Joe Douglas, Jennifer Betts, Robert Brock, Linda Brock, Tom Somenske, Jamie Calhoun, John Calhoun and Rebecca Williams.

A nice group of 12 headed down the scenic trail at nearby Westward Look Resort. This urban location just east of Oracle on Ina offered a very nice trail which crossed the entrance road and meandered through a lovely area of trees, cholla, cacti and brush. The ride through the foothills of the Catalina Mountains offered some very nice views as well.

This month the group included last month’s newcomers: Robert and Linda Brock, Joe and Rosemary Douglas and Vince and Mary Fung. Apparently, they had a very good time and were happy to try it again! None of them had ridden in many years but all seemed to really enjoy the opportunity to experience the quiet desert beauty on horseback.

The group had not ridden at the resort in some time but the stable is now under different management which operates four stables in Tucson and one in Pagosa Springs, CO. The new management seemed to be more in tune with what their guests would like to experience on the trail.

It is interesting but not unusual that the stable owners have one location in Colorado. Trail riding is slow during the hot Tucson summer but very active in the cool mountains of Colorado. A number of trail horses are sent there to work during the summer months, returning in October or November to work the busy winter season here in Arizona. That way the horses stay in shape and don’t forget their manners!

The group rides monthly from late September to late April and will now be on hiatus until the fall. Riders have a varied level of experience. Beginners who have either never ridden or rode in their youth, enjoy this activity right along with those who have more experience. All rides are at the pace of  a walk just to enjoy the scenery.

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