What can line dance lessons do for you in 2017?

A Ranch group of happy dancers

A Ranch group of happy dancers

Dr. Mark Magdanz

Rebecca teaches all three different levels of her class with an emphasis on humor, self-improvement and ultra-low stress. Students progress to the next level at their own pace or may stay at a favorite level forever. Level 1/Beginners is Wednesday at the Hacienda (Monday in SaddleBrooke)

Level 2 has classes Wednesday at the Ranch, (Monday and Tuesday in SaddleBrooke)

Level 3, the most advanced dancers, meet Thursdays.

Classes are restricted in size so you must register with Rebecca in advance to attend, and winter 2017 classes are usually full by December 20. All SaddleBrooke classes are open to Ranch residents, so you have choices of days and an opportunity to make up sessions missed for vacation/illness.

Student party/practice sessions are available for all three skill levels. Classes provide 90 minutes of modest interval exercise. They include written step instruction, YouTube videos study and in-class visual/auditory direction. Classes are designed to function as a community service. A great cardio and muscle memory session is the goal of these workouts. Practice sessions move fast from one dance to the next and last about an hour. Whether practice or lesson they contain about 5,000 steps of quality activity. Prepare to laugh, move, learn, even perspire and expand your brain and memory.

Line dancing is fun and exercise. It is the No. 3 most participated in senior exercise worldwide because it’s fun and doesn’t hurt! For more information or to put your name on a class reservation list, contact Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected] or phone 818-2656. Rebecca is a full-time, 12-year resident of SaddleBrooke, and she has provided line dancing lessons in SaddleBrooke communities for about 10 years.