Why You Like the Wines You Like

Tim Hanni speaking to Wine Club of SBR members

On April 16,the Wine Club of SBR hosted Tim Hanni, Master of Wine and author of the book, “Why You Like the Wines You Like.”

He entertained his audience with stories and anecdotes about wines leading us on a journey of self-discovery about wine and food as we explored “The Cause and Effect of Wine and Food.”

Tim is hailed as the “Wine Antisnob” by The Wall Street Journal for his work in understanding consumer wine preferences and revolutionary concepts for wine and food pairing. He introduced us to the physiological and psychological factors that shape personal wine preferences. He offered empowerment to wine drinkers at all levels and his game-changing approach to the subject of the enjoyment of wine and wine with food.

Hanni’s wine and food principles were adopted and are taught as part of the Advanced Diploma curriculum for the Wine & Spirits Educational Trust. “Wine and food pairing has become an imaginary and metaphorical exercise with little basis in reality,” Hanni says. “I am on a mission to have everyone pair wines with the diner, not the dinner!”

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